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The most sought after sports consultant in the world.


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A limited time offer. Serious inquiries only minimum bankroll of $10,000 available capital at the time of the call. Please leave your name and your phone number and an agent will call you to schedule your free consultation with Eric “Jonathan” Pathi.

Eric Jonathan Pathi is the most sought-after sports consultant in the world, providing his elite clientele with the best sports information available.

Eric J Pathi started his sports Betting Career by accident. He saw an ad in the local paper. It simply said, “Like Sports? Earn $500 a week to talk about it.” In his Freshman year of high school in 1988 he went to the office and asked for his first Job. Local Sports handicapper and TV personality Larry ” the Duke” Dukehart was hiring as he was overwhelmed with calls for his selections. Eric was hired to simply answer the phones. After listening to and learning the art of ” line making ” for a year. Eric begins building his book and consulting clients calling in. By 1998 at 25 Eric Was featured on Duke’s weekly Football Show on cable across the country. As well as Magazines and Publications.

Fast forward 35 years to 2023. Wagering on sports is legal in 36 states and Washington D.C.

Longevity is rare in the professional gambling world, but John has stood the test of time. He currently has one of the longest running radio shows in Las Vegas and provides invaluable education for free to his listeners. He is viewed by thousands each day on his YouTube channel, which he has been broadcasting since 2015. Now is the time to take your wagering to the next level by working with John one-on-one.

With legalized sports wagering sweeping the land, there are many new gamblers enticed by the prospect of getting rich quick. However, they soon learn that they need professional help. There are thousands of companies selling daily tips, but John is here for the long-term, not the short-term streak. He is a dedicated father of two, who is not a sports fan and doesn’t watch games on his free time. At 50 he is still cycling the country roads of Baltimore county, a road cyclist for decades , still skateboarding and listening to music, an avid audiophile for 35 years.

John is at the top of his field. John does not sell picks. His niche is unique in the sports handicapping, pick-selling world. John is the most sought-after sports consultant to the largest high net worth individuals.  His core demographic is high net-worth individuals who have grown tired of buying daily picks and falling for outlandish claims, or, for the newbie high net-worth trader that wants to diversify into the legal sports betting market.

As of January 1, 2023, John has closed his doors to the general public. Time is the most valuable commodity. He will still continue to educate the public pro bono via his radio show and YouTube channel.

Following the same format as a boutique investment firm, John will be concentrating his time consulting with serious investors, players and high net-worth individuals. Similar to an investment fund manager, John will strategically place each client based on their financial goals, needs, and wants into the membership of syndicates that suit the said goal.

In addition, John will offer mentorship services to clients that desire to learn how to trade sports themselves. Finally, if the client wants to join his Mastermind, they will have access to many notable figures via zoom calls and get togethers. Through camaraderie, we’re creating the largest, discreet and confidential sports betting groups in the industry.

In order to take advantage of John’s Syndicate’s 35 years of knowledge and experience, potential clients must have a minimum bankroll of $10,000. You may schedule a 60-minute appointment and learn about all of the services offered. In the past, the minimum bankroll requirement was $100,000, but we have lowered it to give smaller investors access to the same information and systems that the wealthy have already had access to.

With John’s help, you can turn sports betting into a business that generates six figures or more a year. Don’t let your sports betting hobby hold you back any longer. Let John’s 35 years of knowledge fuel your sports betting business and take your earnings to the next level. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

Serious inquiries only. Client must have a minimum bankroll of $10,000 available capital at the time of the call. 

John understands not everyone can begin with a $10,000 Bankroll. As well, some people don’t have time to learn how to fish. They simply want the fish. John is offering access to the Syndicate Subscription Service. Upon purchase of your subscription plays will be emailed or sent via text or Telegram each day. This is an automated alert service where you will not speak with John directly. You will receive the same information all Mentorship Members Receive for the time period purchased.


Subscriptions are separated into only three categories.

Unlike a traditional “Sports Pick” service:

  • Subscriptions are not offered per selection.
  • Subscriptions are not separated by sport.
  • Subscriptions are only offered daily, weekly or monthly as all access passes.
  • Subscriptions are not rated with stars or units, no locks or tiered levels.
  • Subscriptions are recommended to risk the same amount across the board.
  • Whatever is released that day is released to the subscriber and is released in full.

North American Major Sports Subscription

(Football, Basketball, Hockey, Baseball)

  • Daily $99
  • Weekly $499

North American Exotic Sports Subscription

(Golf, Horse Racing, Nascar Racing, UFC, & Boxing plus these event-wagering activities ie. fight night, multi-day golf tournament, Triple Crown races and more.)

  • Per Event $299

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